Marriage is hard work – divorce is even harder

And expat divorce is the hardest exercise, because if an expat couple is splitting up, they find it much more difficult to reconstruct „home“ again.

Living an expat couple life is paying a lot of costs:

Logistical cost, identity cost, emotional cost.  Before relocating, expat couples focus on external matters like place to live, school for the kids…they entirely forget about the key challenges for the relocation of their relationship!

A lot of expat marriages fail because of different reasons

  • Work load and free capacity
  • Communication deficits
  • Financial dependence
  • Isolation and missing friendships
  • Difficulties to adapt to the culture and
  • Language issues.

We consult a lot of expats, thinking about or facing divorce. Our lawyers have a huge know-how of international family law, our financial and tax advisors, psychologists are multi-lingual.

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