We guide you through the four phases of a divorce

You decide when you want us to support you.

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The first step

We guide you through all phases of a divorce. You decide in which phase you want to be supported. In a first analysis we talk about your options and prepare you for the first meeting with a family lawyer, tailored to your requirements. We relieve you in this challenging phase of your life.

Costs: CHF 250,- & 7,7%  VAT.

Divorce Consultancy – how we work


New Look & Feel – Wohnungsstyling

New Look & Feel – Personal Styling


Divorce party

Divorce rituals

Financial advice

Legal advice

Psychologists, Mediators & New Life Coaches

Divorce as Expatriate

If your marriage crisis becomes too much to bear and divorce is the next step, we are here to provice support and advice

Divorce does not have to be overwhelming

No matter what stage you are at, we provide tailored divorce counselling and advice along with services designed to make your divorce easier. Together, we analyse and discuss your personal circumstances in order to determine the best approach to take for the divorce and to get things underway with you.

  • Your separation involves close contact with us. We accompany you through every stage of your divorce.
  • We provide you with administrative, organisational and emotional support. A divorce can be a challenging experience both emotionally and financially.
  • We find the right divorce lawyer for you and prepare you and the lawyer for your first meeting together. This ensures that you are well-prepared when you meet your lawyer, which saves you time and money.
  • Whether you have questions on national or international family law or inheritance law, the right divorce lawyer for you – both in terms of chemistry and trust – is essential for concluding a beneficial divorce agreement.
  • We help you to cope with the emotions triggered by a divorce. We work with renowned divorce psychologists and coaches with expertise in treating the pain of separation and working through the heartache you are feeling.
  • We plan for your financial future after the divorce.
  • We prepare you for the negotiations with your ex-partner.
  • We are on hand at all times to answer any questions and alleviate any doubts or worries you have relating to your divorce.
  • Afraid of losing access to your child or children? We prepare you for the meeting with your child/children and family. You can also contact us at any time during the divorce proceedings if you need to talk.
  • We organise everything on the day when you or your partner moves out of your apartment, and we employ removal teams who are familiar with divorce and separation situations.
  • We assist you on the day of the divorce and help you to get through the process and overcome the pain of separation. We can also help you organise a divorce ritual or party if desired. This can help you to let go and start again.
  • We provide tailored new life coaching sessions that are designed to help you learn to process the pain of separation and heartache that comes with a divorce.
  • Your life is the only one you have.

When something comes along and throws us off track,
we start to imagine that we have lost everything.
But this is merely the start of something new,
and something good. As long as there is life, there is happiness.
Count Lew Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi

Take a new a path – in this one life that you have. Your life.
Be determined. Let go. Start afresh.
only1life will help you along this path

Discretion, respect and confidentiality

These values are the key prerequisites for any successful relationship. We not only ensure that we handle our clients’ personal matters discretely, respectfully and confidentially. We also guarantee to uphold these values in any work that we carry out on our clients’ behalf.


Our aim is to demonstrate the utmost professionalism when working for our clients and meeting their requirements. In particular, we strive to satisfy the highest expectations and make it as easy as possible for our clients to start their life afresh.


In whichever way we help our clients enter the next phase of their lives,  we recognise that we need to show passion and enthusiasm if we are both going to succeed in our mission. This is therefore how we behave in our day-to-day dealings with our clients, service providers and business partners.

We are a separation and divorce agency, offering our clients in all phases of a separation and divorce appropriate advice and services. Be it legal, financial or psychological advice or the support and guidance for the life after. We accompany you on this way. With discretion and professionalism. For the only life.

Divorce no longer affects only a minority of people in our society. In 2015, 41.4 per cent of all marriages in Switzerland ended in divorce.*
This means that a considerable proportion of people in our society experience or are affected by divorce. And yet divorcees often feel lonely and no longer comfortable in their previous social environment and among their previous circle of friends.

(* Source  “Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft”: Link to article)

A study conducted in the US** among more than 50 families affected by divorce showed that a quarter of mothers and a fifth of fathers had still not regained control of their lives even 10 years after their divorce and were heavily dependent on their children for emotional support. Life also generally turned out to be more difficult than expected after getting a divorce. Those who separated after a long marriage were particularly likely to report that they felt unhappy and lonely. Only half of those taking part in the survey were satisfied with their current lives.

(**Source Wallerstein und Lewis „THE UNEXPECTED LEGACY OF DIVORCE Report of a 25-Year Study“)