How to find the right divorce lawyer and run your divorce as a team

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I very often hear from clients that they already met one or two lawyers, but didn’t get along with them. No ROI and only high costs. Either the lawyer was not specialized enough (like missing know-how in international family or inheritance law) or the chemistry between both was bad.

Having the “wrong” divorce lawyer means not to be able to work cooperatively to achieve the wished divorce goals. In our „kick-off“ consultancy we define together with our clients reasonable divorce goals; based on in-depth analysis of their marriage and financial, private, overall situation. If required, beside financial and psychological consultancy we direct them to THE lawyer who will be “the right match” for them.

The right selection of a lawyer plays an important role, but as well the client has to do  something to develop a good mutual relationship:

Try to avoid to put emotions, feelings of victimization, anger from your marriage to the relationship with your lawyer.

Don’t negotiate with your spouse before you talk to your lawyer!

Don’t think or hope that your lawyer can provide you a therapy. In this regards Only1life can support you in getting help by a life coach or a psycho- therapist.

Don’t hide information or other matters which might become essential in the divorce proceedings.

The problems in your relationship: be prepared to hear from your lawyer that you bear as well the guilt for those problems. Please be open to hear about how you could fix them.

Make sure that you are on the same page with your lawyer, which means: try to avoid misunderstandings by educating yourself about divorce with information from judicial advice websites. If you don’t understand key legal concepts, ask him/ her to make you understand. This is essential for building up mutual trust.

Think about it: a good working relationship with your lawyer will be saving you a lot of money and energy. Happy to support you!

Brigitte Kaps, CEO

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