Divorce Coaching – it’s all about holding hands.

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A divorce is a process of an emotional roller coaster. Combined with fears about the future, the financial situation, which means the future standard of life.

What role plays a divorce coach for people who’re facing a divorce? I am answering this question very self-confident: if someone wants to divorce solution-oriented: a divorce coach plays an important role.

After an in-depth analysis of the overall situation, based on a personal conversation with the client, a divorce coach can estimate very well what are the opportunities for a solution oriented divorce. He/she gives the right pre-legal advice to prepare the client for the first meeting with his/her lawyer and his financial advisor.

A person who’s thinking about divorce or in a process of a divorce may have his/her emotions in order but not his paperwork.  My clients for example are very well prepared for their first meeting with their lawyers. Pre-legal advice plays an important role and meeting the right lawyer who matches to the character of the client.

And very important: it is all about communication. A divorce coach with a  high empathy is able to guide the client with respectful communication with the partner, especially with focus on the kids.

“For me it’s as well a kind of “hand-holding,” guiding, being there for my clients.”  Some people try to lean on family and friends’ support, which increases the risk that there will come an additional emotional baggage. Experience shows that sometimes family members push very hard.

A divorce coach is neutral, evaluates and consults from an objective perspective. And he/she is a thinking partner; accompanying a person during his long process of his/her divorce, as we want to create a patient, sustainable, non-judgemental environment. And we help to define and redefine their goals for a better start into the life after divorce.

We only have one life. Make the best out of it. Only1life

Brigitte Kaps, CEO & Divorce Coach

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