Christmas, the time of love – really?

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Here we are again. Christmas decoration everywhere, glamourous Christmas trees, advertisements of happy families and couples in christmassy surroundings on TV and on paper walls. Isn’t the Christmas season a wonderful time of the year?

For a lot of people this time of the year is the worst one. If someone is unhappy, be it unhappily in love or unhappy in a partnership: now the emotional pressure increases. 

Thoughts are cruising in these people’s heads like in a tumbler: if I leave this partnership, what will be the perfect timing to talk about divorce with my partner?Before or after Christmas? Closing again the eyes and let go. This too shall pass. Should I spend my yearly Christmas holidays again in the mountains with my spouse and hope that a lot of our befriended couples are around which will avoid an intimate togetherness?

Christmas time is a very emotional time. Everybody is trying to make Christmas an enjoyable moment for the whole family. Because of the children, especially couples whose marriage is already crumbling, will try to do their best that their kids can enjoy the Christmas time. The emotional paying price is high. And don’t forget: kids remark if parents are unhappy, even if they are great actors.

If a marriage is already teetering on the brink of collapse it can become very stressful to play “happy family“ till New Year. Yes, there are high expectations or last hopes that the “Christmas miracle”; that moment under the Christmas tree, when a couple would realize how much they mean for each other, would resolve all problems of the past. This would be wonderful but reality shows: it is only wishful thinking.

Christmas is no remedy to heal a sorrowful heart. Christmas is/can and should be a wonderful time. If you spend it with your beloved ones…with people who love you unquestioning. Christmas is the time of receiving and giving love. If you don’t receive / can give love, it’s time to change your life. You have  Only1life

Brigitte Kaps, CEO

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