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The right lawyer

Looking for the right lawyer who understands your needs to represent you, so that you can sleep well at night?

Amount of maintenance

Want to know how much you will receive/pay in maintenance before filing for divorce? We can provide you with information on all this and more.

Assistance for separation talk

Trying to find the right words to end the relationship? We will help you out with the conversations you need to have with your partner and children.

You have to leave

Need a furnished temporary home that you can feel comfortable in? We offer a variety of alternatives.

Pension funds

Want to create a profitable pension account after the divorce? We know how.

Asset planning / Financial hardship

Whether you need assistance with asset planning or financial hardship – we check your finances and help you tackle the financial challenges related to your divorce.

Dealing with the children

Want to learn the best way to deal with children as divorced/separated parents? We know what you have to keep in mind.

Need to move?

Need to move out of your shared home? We help you move into a new home and can offer babysitting and childcare services.

Enjoying life again?

Our life guides support you in strengthening your body and emotions. With personal training we work with you on positive feelings of life.

Help on the day of divorce

Dreading the day of your divorce? We offer opportunities to help you make the day both successful and meaningful.

Heartbreak and the pain of separation?

We lend an ear and coach you with helpful advice. We provide long-term assistance for your pain and help you get off to a productive fresh start.

Divorce as expat?

We consult, support and guide you in all respects. International family and inheritance law are not new to us.

Fidelity test

With a fidelity test you’ll get assurance about your relationship.

(Only available for our clients in Germany)

You'll get help dealing with your emotions from us.

Don't let divorce/separation destroy you!

We offer for all phases of separation or divorce professional consultancy and services. We help with divorce rituals or in a new environment, with new activities a more sustainable start into the life after divorce or separation. With discretion and professionalism.

For the one life.

Are you affected and need help or professional advice?

Call us now for a non-binding request

Worried about your financial future?

Divorce/separation doesn't have to be a financial disaster. Get sensible advice now.

You’re looking for a lawyer who can provide you the right kind of advice?

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Let go - As you like

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only1life Divorce Ritual - "Up in the air"

Up In The Air

Experience your newly found freedom in a hot air balloon. Would you like to say a symbolic and spiritual goodbye to your marriage?

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only1life – Community

New Start – New Focus

only1life Community is not only supporting you in the psychological processing of your separation / divorce, but we will inspire you as well to go new ways in your “new” changed life.
We invite you to use the various opportunities we are offering.

Either you are participating in the Only1life events or in courses and conversations, which support the psychological processing of your separation / divorce.


When something comes along and throws us off track,
we start to imagine that we have lost everything.
But this is merely the start of something new,
and something good. As long as there is life, there is happiness.
Count Lew Nikolajewitsch Tolstoi

Take a new a path – in this one life that you have. Your life.
Be determined. Let go. Start afresh.
only1life will help you along this path


Discretion, respect and confidentiality

These values are the key prerequisites for any successful relationship. We not only ensure that we handle our clients’ personal matters discretely, respectfully and confidentially. We also guarantee to uphold these values in any work that we carry out on our clients’ behalf.


Our aim is to demonstrate the utmost professionalism when working for our clients and meeting their requirements. In particular, we strive to satisfy the highest expectations and make it as easy as possible for our clients to start their life afresh.


In whichever way we help our clients enter the next phase of their lives,  we recognise that we need to show passion and enthusiasm if we are both going to succeed in our mission. This is therefore how we behave in our day-to-day dealings with our clients, service providers and business partners.


We are a separation and divorce agency, offering our clients in all phases of a separation and divorce appropriate advice and services. Be it legal, financial or psychological advice or the support and guidance for the life after. We accompany you on this way. With discretion and professionalism. For the only life.

Facts about divorce

Divorce no longer affects only a minority of people in our society. In 2015, 41.4 per cent of all marriages in Switzerland ended in divorce.*
This means that a considerable proportion of people in our society experience or are affected by divorce. And yet divorcees often feel lonely and no longer comfortable in their previous social environment and among their previous circle of friends.

(* Source  "Schweizerische Eidgenossenschaft": Link to article)

A study conducted in the US** among more than 50 families affected by divorce showed that a quarter of mothers and a fifth of fathers had still not regained control of their lives even 10 years after their divorce and were heavily dependent on their children for emotional support. Life also generally turned out to be more difficult than expected after getting a divorce. Those who separated after a long marriage were particularly likely to report that they felt unhappy and lonely. Only half of those taking part in the survey were satisfied with their current lives.

(**Source Wallerstein und Lewis „THE UNEXPECTED LEGACY OF DIVORCE Report of a 25-Year Study“)

Do you have a question or need more details?

We are glad to answer all questions. Please use the contact form. Your questions will be answered by return. We can call you back as well. Your questions will be treated confidential.

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