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Are you thinking about getting a divorce and are looking for the right divorce lawyer? Whether your situation involves national/international family law or inheritance law, our portfolio of divorce lawyers enables us to find exactly the right lawyer with the knowledge and expertise required to resolve your particular situation. We provide this service for expats as well.

The top priorities of our divorce lawyers are to provide advice tailored to your situation and legal representation that focuses on finding a solution. The lawyer’s aim is to identify and take advantage of settlement opportunities without losing sight of your best interests during the divorce proceedings.
You will receive competent and comprehensive advice on all issues pertaining to national/international family law, divorce law, adult and child protection law and inheritance law. If you (or your partner) are a business owner, we employ the services of lawyers with additional expertise in corporate law so that you receive the best possible advice.
Do you have questions about the custody of your child, alimony payments or child support arrangements? We can answer them for you.

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