A divorce has financial consequences

As well as legal expenses and lawyer fees, a divorce often involves child support payments, alimony and so on. Financial difficulties resulting from the need to finance two households due to the divorce are not uncommon.

What is your financial provision plan for the period after your divorce?
Anybody affected by a divorce is confronted by a series of challenges, fears and questions. Financial demands, anxiety about the future and emotions all combine to make the problems seem greater than they are. We plan your financial future with you during the divorce. We focus on the estimated amount to be received in support or the support payments to be made. Every divorce needs a financial plan.

This includes

  • Budget planning: child support and alimony payments – tackling your new financial situation head on
  • Insurance plan optimisation – saving on unnecessary expenses even before the divorce has been finalised
  • Tax optimisation options / asset planning after the divorce
  • Pension fund entitlements – investing pension fund assets sensibly (for our customers in Switzerland)
  • Pension rights adjustment and pension entitlements (for our customers in Germany)
  • Sale of real estate or property financing models after the divorce
  • Financial cover in the event of death, etc.

How are you planning to provide for your future?

We work with independent financial planning and consultancy companies based in Zurich that can offer you individual and expert advice anywhere in Switzerland.
This includes providing an insurance check and analysing your future insurance needs.

Our comprehensive financial and insurance advice service can also help you with issues relating to budgeting, tax planning, pension fund analysis, whole life assurance, mortgages, pension fund consolidation and its repercussions and/or private retirement investments. only1life and its cooperation partners will ensure that your questions are handled with complete confidentiality.

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